Angels In Action

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P.O. Box 4355, Newark Ohio 43058-4355

Angels in Action started officially in September 2006. We had our first benefit early in 2007. We've held benefits for the young, old, sick, stricken, living and deceased. We have raised over $120,000.00 and every dime goes to helping people in need!

Our Mission Statement: Action within the community to reach out to the youth and those in need.

Angels in Action is the result of love and determination by three sisters and founders: Bobbi Cooper, Penny Billman, and Robin Wilson. They have made reaching out to help others a large part of their lives.

     Whether working with children and adults with special needs, taking part in outreach programs, or donating numerous hours to fundrasing benefits for our churches, individuals, and other organizations, they never let go of their dream; the dream of someday being able to provide a place with a wholesome enviroment for young people. A place where young people can make friends, learn, and just have fun instead of hanging out the streets. Also, a place to hold the benefits that we have become famous for.


Bobbi Cooper becomes Newark's first-ever "Citizen of the Year" on August 14th, 2010!

Angels in Action is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

You can reach Angels in Action by:

1. Mail: P.O. Box 4355, Newark, Ohio 43058-4355

2. Phone: President Penny Billman 740-334-2555 or

                Vice President Bobbi Cooper 740-670-3167

3. E-Mail: VP Bobbi Cooper -

                Sec. Tina Ledbetter -

4. Fax: 740-349-3497

The Members of Angels in Action:

Penny Billman - President

Bobbi Cooper - Vice President

Tina Ledbetter - Secretary

Robin Wilson - Treasurer

Lindsey Humphrey - Chairman of the Board

Donna Flack - Board Member

Donna Baker - Board Member